How To Quickly Get More Customers Within A Week Without Alienating Friends or Being Too Salesy...
How would making money selling your product on social media be different if you could...
  • Understand how to get people on your live sales
  • Create social media posts that attract more customers.
  •  Know how to get better group participation.
  •  Understand how to get people to see your posts on Facebook.
  •  Build a business with life and family balance.
We know it's hard to build a business on Facebook when algorithms are constantly changing.
It's Not Your Fault! Of Course You Feel Stuck!
You're running a business and expected to be a social media expert, too? THAT'S CRAZY!
  • Maybe it's because you don't have a very large VIP group and you're exhausting your customer base.
  •  Maybe it's because Facebook changed and suddenly nobody is seeing your live sales.
  •  Maybe it's because you can't be consistent because you have kids, a husband, and chores!
  •  Maybe it's because you don't know anyone else to invite to shop your sale.
  •  Maybe it's because you feel like the market for your product has declined, and you can't get anyone interested in what you're selling.
  •  Maybe it's because you don't want to come off as salesy even though you KNOW you have an awesome product.
  •  Maybe it's because you have a full time job and your time is very limited.
  •  Maybe it's because your upline has quit or isn't helping you.
We totally understand.

A few years ago, we started selling products on Facebook. But there was no manual, no directions for how to make this work.

Through tons of trial and error and more mistakes than we want to admit, we found things that actually work to sell products on Facebook. But, if it worked for us, then how would be know it worked for others? We thought if we could create something that would make it possible to show other people who use Facbook to sell products, we’d be really happy.

So we asked around and asked others to test all these crazy ideas that had worked for us. 

And it worked for them, too! But, as our teams grew and more friends started needing help it became harder and harder to get the information to everyone.

We had it all figured out and were getting lots of sales and new members, but our teams and our friends were still finding it difficult to get Facebook to show their products and live sales to their customers. They needed the tools and techniques we had been using to hack the Facebook algorithms and get our content seen, but there were so many of them we couldn't keep teaching them separately.
We thought, what if we could create a training group so that everyone would have access to this information that has helped so many people successfully market and sell their products on Facebook.
#RealFakeBootcamp is a coaching group for anyone who sells stuff on social media that wants more customers, better engagement on their posts, and more visibility on social media.
#RealFakeBootCamp is full of actionable walkthrough videos, strategy sessions, and ways to actually help you grow your business without making you feel overwhelmed.

With #RealFakeBootcamp, you get:
  •  Support
  •  Training
  •  Accountability
  •  Secrets
  •  Oh, and It's Fun, Too!
#RealFakeBootCamp will boost your business so you can have more customers, get people on your live sales, create engaging posts, understand how to get more people to see your posts. All so you can spend more time with your family while making more money.
Join Our #RealFakeBootcamp Now To Learn:
How To Get New Customers
Use new techniques to show and sell your product to a steady stream of new customers all online. With and without using Facebook Advertising.
How To Work Less and Make More Money
Run your business from home and still have time for your super busy life the same way Holly and Jamie do. Use this group to answer questions fast!
How To Sell Without Feeling Pushy
Learn best practices and simple ways to sell your products without feeling pushy, icky, or alienating your friends. It's easier than you think!
Unlike Other Social Media Coaching Groups, #RealFakeBootCamp is led Holly and Jamie, people who actually sell things online.
  •  Unlike other gurus who have never sold anything other than their course, Holly and Jamie have sold over a million dollars in product on Facebook. 
  •  Unlike other experts who have no team or recruiting experience, Holly and Jamie have built downlines and are leader ranks in multiple network marketing companies.
  •  Unlike other teachers who have a small following on social media, Holly and Jamie have over 5 million combined fans following them on social media.
Working With Holly and Jamie Means...
#RealFakeBootcamp will dramatically reduce the time it takes to get more customers, jumpstart your business and quickly help you make more money in less time.
What's Inside #RealFakeBootcamp?
  • Time Management and Social Media
  • Facebook Advertising 
  • How To Convert Fans Into Buyers
  •  Online Recruitment 101 for Network Marketers
  •  Building a Page, Group, and a Personal Profile on Facebook
  •  Group Building Strategies
  •  Scheduling Tools
  •  Content Strategies for Social Media Posts
  •  Beyond Facebook: Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Blogs and More!
And Your Questions Never Go Unanswered... 
Holly and Jamie will personally answer all your questions right in the group!
#RealFakeBootCamp Is For People Who Are:
  • Passionate About Their Business.
  • Sick of constant algorithm changes on Facebook.
  • Ready to work smarter, not harder when it comes to building your business online.
  •  Willing to experiment and try something new.
#RealFakeBootCamp Is Not For People Who Are:
  •  Deep down you don't believe in what you are selling.
  •  You are skeptical to try something new.
  •  You are impatient and want to get rich quick.
This is a no commitment offer. you can cancel your membership at any time with zero charges or hidden fees.
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  •  Are you sure I'm not signing up for something with a commitment, contract or cancellation fee? 100% Sure. You can cancel at any time.
  •  How do I cancel if I no longer want my membership? Just email and we will help you take care of it.
  •  I sell lots of different things on the internet, will this work for me? This works for anyone, whatever you are selling on the internet. The group is designed to help YOU be successful.
  •  What happens if I fall behind? This group is designed so it's impossible to fall behind. You can jump in at any time and work at your own pace. 
  •  Social media and Facebook are always changing. Do you keep things updated? We actually teach what you want to learn. If something changes in social media, we will go through the changes and make you feel comfortable with them.
  •  Is this group for me? If you like small actionable things you can do for your business to build your social media presence every day, then yes. This group is definitely for you. 
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